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I'm a 23 year old software engineering student from Finland. My hobbies include music, movies, games, comics (mainly webcomics), books and coding.

Years are approximate.
  • Ville Jokela — real name, 1985 –
  • Perkele — 199?
  • Midianian — 2000 – 2001
  • With Plague — colour: black, 2002
  • Midianian (again) — colour: red, 2003 –
  • Razalhague — colour: blue, 2007 –

Plus an assortment of short term aliases I've used when I wanted to be even more anonymous than usual.

Yes, I know Midianian is misspelled. I didn't originally know it, being about 15 when I came up with it, but it was a conscious choice to retain the misspelling. Ensures uniqueness.

Me Around the Internet

The collections are around 80% complete, most of the sites missing things I own. They're also updated rather sporadically. Lately I've been buying most of my games from Steam, so my community profile is likely to be more up-to-date.

Now, all I need is a place to list my movies at (one that can show the list to visitors, that is). If someone knows such a place, please contact me.

Contact Me

OK, let's have a little puzzle. If you can decipher my address, you get to mail me. My address is: /midianian/att/penny-craal/dott/org/ (What? Me? Paranoid? Who told you that!?). Quite efficent at blocking spam. If you can't be bothered with this, you can always find my e-mail(s) in the public key file below.

Public Key

If you want to either send me encrypted mail, or verify my mail (all my mail is signed), you can find my public key file here.

The file contains all my e-mail addresses, but the different addresses are for different things. If your mail concerns this page, I ask that you use the one described above. Hopefully it's too heavy to harvest addresses from .asc files. Otherwise I might have to start dumping all unencrypted mail. Let's see the spammers get past that.


You can reach me at midianian@hotmail.com. Don't bother sending e-mail there, I practically never check it.


I don't Skype anymore.

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